FIMO MODELLING CLAY   AND SUPERLITE CLAY                  SATURDAY, 18 JULY  10.00am – 12.30pm  Cost: $60
Presented by Kay Douglas
If you have ever wondered how to use FIMO and Superlite clay, this is the workshop for you! 
FIMO is a polymer clay that can be easily shaped and sculpted and when baked in a regular oven, becomes hard.  As FIMO stays malleable until baked, projects can be completed over multiple lessons. 
Superlite air dry clay is a light weight, non toxic sculpting medium which sets hard and can be painted as needed.
This workshop covers:
·         The properties of FIMO and Superlite air dry clay
·         Simple figurine construction
·         Finishing effects
Come and experience for yourself the versatility and fun that can be had with FIMO and Superlite clay!
 Please click here for workshop booking form  or ring 9544 1518 to make a booking.
  BOOK WEEK                                  Saturday, 25 July 10.00am – 12.30pm  Cost: $60
                   Presented by Michele Jones
Ideas spring from not only Book Week theme, but also from the short listed books and their illustrations. Activities undertaken can be linked to literature and Inquiry Units that arise throughout the year.

Please click here for workshop booking form  or ring 9544 1518 to make a booking.